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The Facilitator Program

The fastest way to learn a new language is to speak it a lot. But finding a conversation partner in that language is not always easy. That's why DeepAvatar developed a virtual assistant where you can have a conversation in real time, called SpeakAvatar. Originally from Armenia, the startup wants to continue developing [... ] Read more

Razmik Konstandian and Azat Davletshin Razmik Konstandian and Azat Davletshin Founders DeepAvatar
The Facilitator Program

Mental health and menstrual health go hand in hand, says ILIK founder Faten Salem. That's why the social innovation startup is on a mission to help women understand how their menstrual cycles affect their mental well-being. ILIK aims to offer a range of tools designed to help women manage their emotional and physical [... ] Read more

ILIK founder Faten Salem Faten Salem Founder ILIK
The Facilitator Program

iki.ai is a knowledge center and second brain for professionals and teams. It is a digital library to store all your professional knowledge. From useful links, PDFs, blog posts, tutorials, Github repositories to YouTube videos, and so on. iki is designed to be searchable, self-organized and, most importantly, has a co-pilot to help you with reasoning tasks based [... ] Read more

Max Orlov and Ivan Ilin Max Orlov and Ivan Ilin founders iki.ai
Customized funding

QDI Systems is a pioneering deep-tech company developing imaging devices for medical applications using advanced nanomaterial quantum dots. The company was founded in 2019 as a spin-off from the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials at the University of Groningen by physicist Dr. Artem Shulga. In the Series A funding round, QDI Systems raised [... ] Read more

Artem Shulga Artem Shulga CEO QDI Systems
Business Innovation Program Food

With Lumbriculus, based in Oostwold, I deal with the breeding of aquatic worms for large fish farms in particular. The Lumbriculus Variegatus, to be precise, a freshwater worm, also called blackworm. Read more

Blackworms001 1 Jean Mekelenkamp Founder Lumbriculus
Business Innovation Program Food

WeedaGo is working on robots that use artificial intelligence to recognize weeds and control them plant-specifically. Not insignificant, as weed pressure poses a serious economic threat to the agricultural sector. Read more

Weed A Go001 1 150×150 Gert Maneschijn and René Bultje Co-founders WeedaGo
Customized funding

Kampen Industrial Care, started in 1948 as a smithy in Thesinge, is a mechanical engineering service provider from Groningen that specializes particularly in maintenance of existing installations and work in and around piping systems. Read more

B00fe27a 8f9c 4584 A24c 4df0babf1842 150×150 Arnold Bakker DGA Kampen Industrial Care
Market Readiness

The Market Readiness Program was a perfect fit for the phase we were Read more

Victor van Saltbommel, owner Huberts' Food from Meppel Victor van Saltbommel Owner of Huberts' Food
Customized funding

NOM provided more than just growth capital. For example, without the NOM, the acquisition by SnelStart would never have gone so smoothly. Or perhaps it would not have gone ahead at all. They prepared me optimally for everything involved in such a process. Whether it concerns financial or legal aspects. All knowledge and expertise is available. In house or within NOM's broad network. Read more

Dave Lark Dave Lark CEO MyEmma
Customized funding

NOM did considerably more than just provide capital. They provided us with excellent guidance and advice at key moments. Read more

Lex Rademaker Chief Flower Officer Longbloom Lex Rademaker Chief Flower Officer Longbloom
Investor Readiness Program

The investor readiness track really helped us a lot. During the process you are forced to take a critical look at things that you prefer to put off. Things that still seem far away, or are not yet up for discussion. But that's precisely why this is so good, because the decisions you make now will ultimately determine the future of your company. Read more

Eva van Leeuwen Eva van Leeuwen Founder Young Heroes