Disclaimer English website

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The NOM website is available in English. Finally! This has been on our ‘to do’ list for a long time, as we have many international contacts who we wish to assist and we are happy that we can share our story, as well as that of other entrepreneurs in the Northern Netherlands. Their lessons learned, failures and successes, with the hope that these both inspire and help other entrepreneurs.

Translating the NOM website was going to be a massive job, but this was made easy for us by using AI. The AI technology automatically translates all content placed or modified on the Dutch website, ensuring that the English website is always up to date.

We have thoroughly checked the translation on the website, only the Media pages we could not check due to the large amount of text, therefore there may be a (contextual) error here and there in the translation. If you come across an error, please report it to communicatie@nom.nl.

At this time, our podcasts, webinars, newsletter and NOMMER magazine are not available in English. We are however in the process of updating and translating our whitepapers. We will add these to the English website as soon as they become available.