International entrepreneurship in the northern Netherlands

Do you have a business in the province of Drenthe, Groningen or Friesland and would you like to broaden your horizons by doing international business? Then read on about international business.

Two NOM colleagues conferring

International entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important for the Northern Netherlands. For that reason, the possibilities for advice and support for entrepreneurs who want to cross the border have been expanded. And this is necessary, because import and export present quite a few bumps in the road. Export is essential for business. Thirty percent of sales are made abroad. International business provides nearly a third of the FTEs. For manufacturing, the figures are even more telling. Some sixty percent of income comes from abroad. And yet, it's not an A-B-C that entrepreneurs turn their sights beyond the borders. After all, there's quite a bit involved in exporting and importing. Think different tax laws, different regulations, as well as cultural differences, subsidy opportunities and more. You have to know what you're doing.

Advisory talks for 100 entrepreneurs in northern Netherlands

Entrepreneurs in the Northern Netherlands can go to their own Province for comprehensive advice on international entrepreneurship. The Northern provinces each have an entrepreneur contact point; Ynbusiness, GroBusiness and Ik ben Drents ondernemer ( IBDO). These organizations are ready for entrepreneurs with questions on topics such as innovation, circular entrepreneurship, funding and international entrepreneurship.

The so-called "Trade Relations" advisory talks is an assignment of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation to NOM. Annually, 100 entrepreneurs can use this advisory capacity and the global "Trade and Innovate NL" (TINL) network. NOM is part of that TINL network and carries out this assignment in close cooperation with the Provincial Entrepreneurial Contact Points. This is how we connect the province's entrepreneur with this global network. In the video an impression of that network and what entrepreneurs can expect in an advisory meeting.

Do you want to do international business and could use some help and advice?

Entrepreneurs in the provinces of Friesland and Groningen can contact:

Wessel de Vries
T. (06) 11 26 59 90

Entrepreneurs in the province of Drenthe can contact:

Han Smidt
T. (06) 20 82 76 77.