Do you also want to contribute to a more sustainable, healthy and smart economic climate in the Northern Netherlands?

Are you curious about the our office environment or what working at NOM entails? Read more about it on this page. You can also find job vacancies and send an open job application.

Stimulating the North

Working at NOM means working for the Northern Netherlands. In an environment where a lot of effort and hard work is being put in to improve economy of the Northern Netherlands. By providing funding to SMEs with innovative products or services. By acting as matchmaker and stimulating cooperation. And by attracting foreign investors to our region. Working in a team of employees who want to go that extra mile to help SMEs achieve their ambitions. But above all, working in an environment where the grass is greener, where taking the initiative and independence are self-evident, and where humor is indispensable.

What are we really like as an employer? And what is it like to work with us? Watch the video in the sidebar or read the experience of one of our colleagues at the bottom of this page! At the bottom of the page you can also find an atmosphere impression of the NOM office. Maybe you would like more information, in that case you can send an email to

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NOM takes great care with the privacy of job applicants. For more information on this, see the job applicant privacy statement.

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Impression of the office environment

Colleagues at the lunch table
Two NOM colleagues looking at the screen
Two colleagues in conversation
NOM colleagues confer with each other
NOM colleagues meeting
Two colleagues talking to each other
Two colleagues talking to each other
Colleagues in conversation
Two colleagues in conversation with each other
A colleague at work
Two colleagues talking to each other
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