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TopDutch strengthens the position of the Netherlands

TopDutch designs campaigns that translate the propositions into appealing expressions. Primarily aimed at intermediaries, but certainly also visible to a wider audience.

TopDutch: more than a geography lesson for Elon Musk

Does Tesla's Elon Musk know where the Northern Netherlands is? Chances are that he does. After all, the TopDutch campaign was big news. TopDutch targeted Tesla employees with an online campaign and offline Silicon Valley was full of billboards asking Elon Musk to contact TopDutch if he wanted to establish in the Netherlands.

The goal of the campaign: to interest Tesla in establishing in the Northern Netherlands. The positive attention that the initiative generated was overwhelming. The success of the campaign made us want more. So it was not just a one-time collaboration: TopDutch will continue and focus on all kinds of companies that might be interested in establishing themselves in the Northern Netherlands. TopDutch also connects the three northern provinces in a unique way.

Naturally leading the transition

In the fall of 2022, NOM was asked to take on the regional branding of the region, as a possible conduit to the acquisition of new foreign companies (a task already assigned to NOM through team Internationalization). A lot of hard work is currently being done to work out the strategy, to determine kpi's, updating the website and developing great content. The latter is not complicated. Simply because many great things are happening in "our" provinces. And we're not going to keep those stories to ourselves, we're going to share them!

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