We Are TopDutch

TopDutch is the economic region of the Northern Netherlands. We are not only TopDutch because we are literally at the top of the Netherlands. Above all, we are TopDutch because we are home to top Dutch business ecosystems, with big ambitions and innovative solutions. The TopDutch region has the potential to change the world, but for that we need the rest of the world too.

Kick off TopDutch

That's why the TopDutch campaign was created. To show the international market what we are good at. And to invite them to join us, so that we can become even better at it and make a difference worldwide with sustainable solutions to global challenges. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but because the time really is now.

Naturally leading the transition

We are at a tipping point. And if history has taught us anything, it's that you shouldn't leave the world's big problems to global politics. But tackling problems only on a local scale, with everyone having to reinvent the wheel individually, is not the solution either. The Northern Netherlands is leading important system transitions in industries such as green energy and green chemistry, digital innovation and water-tech, healthy aging and the future of food. But things can always be done better and they must be done faster.

This requires even more talented people, as well as international investors and companies. This is not about numbers and size, but value. They must be an addition. Or just a missing link. This is why TopDutch is more than just a brand. We also help existing initiatives and local networks to move forward, so that we know exactly what we need as a region. This enables us to set up targeted international campaigns to convince the right people. We can then bring them into contact with the right networks and initiatives.


The best way to predict the future is to create it together

TopDutch is a campaign implemented by NOM on behalf of the Province of Fryslân, Province of Drenthe and Province of Groningen. By using TopDutch as the primary economic brand for initiatives and networks, northern ambitions and the northern ecosystem are supported. In doing so, TopDutch supports the NOM Sector Teams, for example, to search for valuable companies and investors who are perfect complements for the region. In this way, together we want to ensure that more innovative, foreign companies that are at the forefront of the transition find our region.

We do this by coming out with one face and one message. And that message is that TopDutch is the region where we work on a healthy and fair future. Not just for ourselves, but for everyone. Where we already have all the ingredients. Where we have the guts to think big, by being down-to-earth. Where there is the will to work together, so that together we can
can grow. Because where else?

Campaign - Put your Company on the Map

Who better to tell you that doing business in the TopDutch region is good, than the already established entrepreneur himself? After all, as a potential newcomer, you would like to know who your possible new 'neighbors' are. This is why the TopDutch puts your company on the map campaign was launched. Aimed at innovative companies that are already doing their bit for the transitions. Naturally.