Simon Kloppenburg

Simon Kloppenburg

Campaign Manager TopDutch

Don't chat, but polish

I was born in The Hague but raised in the north of the Netherlands. Elementary school time in Steenwijk, secondary school time in Heerenveen.
I studied Technical Business Administration at the HTS in Zwolle and after my graduation project in India I started working at KPN Netwerk Bouw Noord Oost in 1996.
Through Siemens Mobile Networks I was able to fulfill my ambition to be sent to the Caribbean, where I lived, worked and worked for 20 years. On Curaçao I had the opportunity to work on the Airport City Master Plan and for the last 3 years I have been working as an independent entrepreneur on quality, environment and safety related projects.

In June 2022 I returned to the Netherlands, to Heerenveen, my wife's hometown. After a short intensive work experience in the construction industry, I am grateful and excited to have found a new challenge at NOM. An employer where I immediately feel at home. A company with a socially relevant objective. A team of enthusiastic professionals with their hearts in the right place. Where knowledge, experience and resources are used to make a positive contribution to the socio-economic development of the region we are part of.

As Campaign Leader TopDutch, I will work to put the northern provinces of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe on the map under the brand name TopDutch. To proudly show what the TopDutch region has achieved and has to offer in recent years in terms of innovation, technology and sustainability. That the region is an important player in the transition from the old to the new economy and business in the areas of energy, food and sustainability and so many other progressive things. And invite the international market to contribute to this by investing, collaborating or sharing knowledge. Because that's good for the region.

TopDutch is a brand to be proud of. It represents the mentality of the North. Not chit-chat but polish. But on a level. High quality, smart, innovative and meaningful. That's what I want to be a part of. That's what I'm committed to.