Invest in Holland

Binnenhof The Hague Source Hans Kouwenhoven (HTK 2013)

That's why we like to flirt with internationals. Not for a short romance: we go for a long-term and stable relationship. But we don't rush too fast. First we draw attention to the Netherlands as a country of establishment. Once the interest is aroused, we show them how beautiful the North is for them.

Invest in Holland

In Invest in Holland we cooperate with other regional investment companies. We show why the Netherlands is an interesting country for international companies. And if they are interested, together we see in which region they would be best suited. The ultimate goal is to attract them to the Netherlands. So which region it will be doesn't matter much.

This is how we get and keep them in

Talks with internationals can just take years. We usually make contact at a trade fair. This is followed by many discussions about the possibilities and an extensive analysis of the company's wishes and requirements.

Has the company established itself in the Netherlands? Then we continue to guide them, for example if they have expansion plans or are looking for parties to cooperate with.

The Northern Netherlands is becoming increasingly interesting for internationals. For example, there is a lot of attention from companies from the ICT, chemical, Life Sciences and agrifood sectors. And although we naturally prefer to have them in the Northern Netherlands, the ultimate goal of Invest in Holland is more important: that they settle in the Netherlands at all.