Growing businesses

NOM wants to help companies grow. The philosophy behind this is that if you really want to strengthen the economy in a region you can only achieve this by strengthening companies.

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Our mission: "to sustainably strengthen the economic structure in the Northern Netherlands.

NOM is the self-assured connecting party for (supra)regional relations, focused on strengthening the economic structure of the Northern Netherlands by helping entrepreneurs establish, develop and finance their businesses.


We have therefore formulated our vision succinctly: Helping businesses grow.

NOM's objective is to strengthen the economy of the Northern Netherlands. We focus on companies that contribute to this by:

  • having the ambition to grow,
  • being innovative and
  • adding value to the Northern Netherlands.

Strategic objectives

  • Focus on the major societal themes: more Sustainable, Smarter and Healthier.
  • Sustainable impact for all stakeholders in the Northern Netherlands by concretizing policy intentions for these themes, further expanding funding activities for SMEs, permanently stimulating business activity, job growth and sustainability, and increasing the attractiveness for new businesses wishing to settle here.
  • A flat, agile organization and entrepreneurial corporate culture with independent teams of competent professionals, and a clear fund structure.