Management Team

The Director of NOM is Dina Boonstra. She was previously active as director of the NDC media group. Manager of NOM Investeren is Marco de Jong. Marco was fund manager of G-Force Capital. The role of Manager NOM Internationalization and Innovation is filled by Anne Wil Lucas. Tim Oosterhof completes the Management team as Team Leader Finance & Operations.

Governance structure

In addition to our Management Board, we also have a Supervisory Board. This Board is formed by:
Gertjan Lankhorst (chairman), Jan Kruse (non-voting, also member of the Investment Committee), Pauline Rengers, Elze Vonk and Sander Prinsen. The Supervisory Board is responsible for supervising the management and as an employer responsible for the course of events within NOM and is also advisory and consultative.

Decisions on funding proposals are reviewed by the Investment Committee. The Investment Committee consists of:
Jan Kruse (chairman), Jan Tichelaar, Benjamin Derksen and Ylva Poelman and Katherina Martín Abello.

NOM 50years!