Marco De Jong

Our region has much to offer the world

I was born in Schoonhoven and raised in Hattem. After almost 25 years in Borger, I now live in Groningen. So you can say that there is an upward trend in my life.

I love the region and am always impressed by its strength and beauty. I am also impressed by the creative power of entrepreneurs.

In various roles, I have made my mark (and money) especially in the digital economy. As of 2022, I will put my heart and soul into helping all companies in our beautiful region. This is called 'development' and it is more than just investment, which most people know NOM for and for which I am responsible as investment manager.

Developing "the region," "the eco-system," "the business community," or "core sectors. Big words but ultimately it comes down to developing people, yourself. Growing, becoming stronger and smarter. Daring to go off the beaten path. That takes us further and that drives me.

Privately, I try to develop as a father of three, as a rower, as a chess player and by taking in a lot of music and literature. Everything in moderation and by trial and error.