Accessibility statement WCAG

Digital accessibility

It is important to us that our website is accessible to everyone, including visitors with disabilities. Therefore, we want to comply with the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 ). These are the international guidelines for accessibility of web content. Should you encounter inaccessible content, we would like to hear about it. You can report it by sending an e-mail to Accessibility covers a wide range of disabilities, including visual, hearing, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning and neurological disabilities.

Measures taken

  1. Skip Nav:
    Users with a read-aloud feature can "skip" the menu so they don't get the menu read to them at every page.
  2. Focus elements:
    We have provided the fill-in fields / select buttons with a "focus" css style.
    This means that the visitor sees more clearly where he / she left / clicked the mouse.
  3. Contrasts:
    We have adjusted the gray tones in terms of contrast so that they are more visible.
  4. Contrast option:
    We added a contrast option to the menu that adjusts the colors of the website. This is all to support visitors with poorer vision.
  5. Text Enlarger:
    We have added a text magnifier option to the menu. Once the visitor clicks this button, the text is enlarged throughout the website. This allows visitors with reduced vision to better read through the website.
  6. Aria Landmarks:
    Icons are no longer included in pre-reading.
  7. Semantic Markup:
    The website is largely improved by using better HTML5 structure.

Steps yet to be taken

  1. Aria Landmarks & Semantic Markup needs further expansion.
  2. Input field help (What to fill in per input field).
    This will mainly be with the forms.
  3. Re-authentication. Completed data will persist.
    This will be primarily with forms.
  4. Images should be converted to <img>

Learn more

The website provides more information about digital accessibility.