Seizing opportunities through the EU Trade Program

Has your company been negatively impacted by Brexit? Then discover the opportunities the EU Trade Program has to offer you and how you can capitalize on them.

Seizing opportunities through the EU Trade Program

This program offers you free support in exploring or expanding promising sales markets abroad. Your company can present itself at Holland Pavilions at worldwide trade fairs. In the lead-up you will receive free access to external advice, market research and training in order to give your export promotion a strong impulse in 2023.

Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR).

There is 32 million euros available from the EU until the end of 2023 for a broad pallet of export promotion activities. This is not in the form of a subsidy, but you can participate easily and free of charge in the activities offered within an exclusive digital platform. Based on your sector and preferences, this offer will be further developed in the coming months.

How do I sign up?

You can apply online for the EU Trade Program using the button below. Make sure you have the necessary documents in PDF on hand, as you will be asked to upload these documents. With these documents you can prove that you have been affected by Brexit, for example by at least 1000 euros loss of sales or if you are facing customs formalities or other "hurdles" where before there were none. This will be the case for almost all companies doing business with the UK.

  • Sales tax return (2019/2020/2021)
  • Declaration of intra-community services (2019/2020)
  • In case of trade barrier: customs declaration (2021) and/or UK (trade) certificates
  • If turnover has been lost: print out your 2021 turnover via accountant, bookkeeper or accounting system

Do you have these documents on hand in PDF? Then the application will take you no more than 5 minutes. RVO will assess your application and the supporting documents. Within 14 days you will hear whether you will be admitted to the EU Trade Program.

Check out the range of trainings, missions and foreign exchange participation you can take advantage of for free.

Brexit cost compensation scheme

Businesses that have suffered damage in their trade with the United Kingdom due to the Brexit can apply for compensation for adjustment costs incurred or to be incurred. These are not lost sales, but costs such as ICT adjustments, temporary hiring of additional transport equipment, training and external advice.
The online 'Regelhulp' helps you understand which costs are eligible for which scheme. Learn more about the various schemes and how to apply.


For questions, suggestions or further information, please contact Wibo van Wier: E., T. 06-83551820.