Internationalization at NOM

We are only too happy to roll out the red carpet for foreign companies wishing to open a branch in the Northern Netherlands. But internationalization is not only beneficial for those companies: attracting new companies also creates opportunities for companies already established in the North. After all, these new companies will be looking for suppliers and buyers for everything from practical items like cleaning to the very best raw materials and processing their residual streams.

Two NOM colleagues conferring

How does internationalization work?

Opening a branch or subsidiary abroad is a big step. A company has to look for new staff, suppliers and buyers in the region have to be found, and logistics must be in order. In addition, issues such as permits and funding come into play.

We are the 'spider in the web' during this integration process. Our team has extensive knowledge about the laws and regulations. We are happy to put this knowledge to work for you to ensure that a new branch or an expansion in the north really comes about. Over the years, we have also built up a strong network with various government authorities, educational institutions and, above all, many companies. We ensure that these various parties work together to attract new companies and make sure new companies are succesful in our region.

For whom is internationalization of interest?

One of NOM's goals is to promote the Northern Netherlands as a place of business for innovative companies. This applies to Dutch companies, but certainly also to foreign companies looking to expand into Western Europe. The Northern Netherlands has an enormous amount to offer to these companies. A well-educated population as a result of the fantastic colleges and universities, a large network of interesting companies, as well as the space needed to grow: all the ingredients for successful expansion are present.

Our role includes establishing lines of communication between the right parties. We connect companies with government authorities and other relevant companies. There is room for companies in all kinds of different sectors. From agro to sustainable energy and from food to biochemistry: our network is interesting for all types of companies.

What does internationalization do for the region?

As more and more companies locate in the North, the demand for highly trained specialists is increasing. This means that we can retain these people in the North and even attract specialists from the rest of the Netherlands to fill job vacancies in our region, making the Northern Netherlands an important knowledge hub in the country!


Gerard Lenstra and Wim A,B. recently gave a webinar in which they addressed a variety of questions surrounding internationalization in the North. After watching the webinar back, you will know:

  • How NOM ensures that your company benefits from the establishment of foreign companies in our region;
  • Why we ask certain questions during the collaboration process;
  • Which questions NOM can help you with;
  • How creating more jobs actually optimalizes healthy job mobility;
  • What the added value of our domestic and foreign network is.