Customized funding

There are many different funding options at NOM. For example, if you have a young, promising company or if you have expansion or acquisition plans. Even if your product or service is not yet fully developed, we can help you. NOM offers funding from € 50,000 to € 2,500,000.

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Customized funding

Types of funding

Although there are many possibilities, the number of types of funding is clear: funding from NOM is always a subordinated loan or equity. A convertible loan is also among the possibilities.

For funding between €50,000 and €200,000, we look at which product is best for you.

For funding above € 200,000, we do this through share capital, possibly in combination with a subordinated loan provided the total does not exceed € 2,500,000. Share capital gives us a minority stake in your company. You do not have to pay interest and repayments.

The funding process

Many questions we receive are about the funding process. How long does it take? What is expected of me? Who has to approve my funding request? etc etc. We have tried to list these as best we can in a few clear steps.

Funding Check

Before we talk any further, it's helpful to do the funding check first. A quick way to find out if you meet most of the criteria and possibly qualify for funding.

Apply for funding and contact us directly

Would you like to apply for funding or do you have any questions? Alexander Draaijer will be happy to talk to you. Then you can discuss your options together.
T. +31 6 552 203 27 E. draaijer@nom. nl

Customized funding

NOM provided more than just growth capital. For example, without the NOM, the acquisition by SnelStart would never have gone so smoothly. Or perhaps it would not have gone ahead at all. They prepared me optimally for everything involved in such a process. Whether it concerns financial or legal aspects. All knowledge and expertise is available. In house or within NOM's broad network. Read more

Dave Lark Dave Lark CEO MyEmma

Need early stage funding?

Would you like to launch or (further) develop your promising innovation? We offer capital to realize your unique plans at a risky stage through our early stage funding.

Taking over or selling a business?

When you want to sell your business or take over a business yourself, a lot of things come up. Perhaps we can advise you in this process. For example, by helping you look for a buyer that suits you and your company. Our network consists of more than a hundred companies in the Northern Netherlands and we have a good overview of the people and the interests at stake.

Whitepaper Impact of Investors
The impact of investors on your business

In this white paper you will learn:

  • What you have to deal with when you start working with investors
  • Differences and similarities between bank funding, subordinated loan and equity capital
  • In what ways NOM as an investor can help you

    Please note that this whitepaper is only available in Dutch at the moment. We are in the process of translating this whitepaper.