Need early stage funding?

Want to launch or (further) develop your promising innovation? We offer capital to realize your unique plans at a risky stage through our early stage funding.

What do we offer you?

We fund amounts between €50,000.00 and €1 million for the proof of concept phase.

Interest rate market-based for venture capital.

Equity funding

Our support on your financial and strategic issues

Access to our extensive network

What do we ask of you?

You have a clear picture of the market. You have researched what people think of your idea and how big the competition is.

You have written down a realistic business plan that includes the steps you will take as an entrepreneur to get your idea to market.

You are located (or intend to locate) in Groningen, Friesland or Drenthe.

There is also another financial source. Whether that is our own resources, another fund or private investors, it doesn't matter to us. We can also look for a co-financier together.

You are an innovative start-up or SME entrepreneur.


These companies also received funding through the North Netherlands Innovation Fund.

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