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Answer 4 simple questions to quickly find out if you may qualify for funding through NOM.

Question 1:

Is your business located in the province of Groningen, Fryslan or Drenthe (or do you want to establish your business in one of these provinces)?

Question 1:

Unfortunately, you do not qualify, but we may be able to help you further if you want to settle in the Northern Netherlands.

NOM focuses on economic development in Groningen, Fryslan and Drenthe. If your company is not located in one of these provinces, we cannot offer funding.

Is your company not yet located in one of the northern provinces, but would like to be? Then contact Anne Wil Lucas to explore whether the NOM can assist you with establishing your business in the Northern Netherlands. You can do so at or +31 6 217 038 15.

If your company is located elsewhere in the Netherlands, one of our sister companies may be able to help you:

Question 2:

Is your funding request higher than 50,000 euros?

Question 2:

Unfortunately, you don't qualify for funding by NOM, but we have some suggestions for you.

If you have a funding request lower than €50,000, please contact Alexander Draaijer. He can put you into contact with other potential investors. Alexander can be reached at or +31 6 552 203 27.

Question 3:

Do you already have carefully thought-out business plan?

Question 3:

Unfortunately, you do not qualify for funding by NOM, but we would like to refer you to our colleagues who can assist you with your business plan.

Whether or not we can fund you depends in part on your business plan. Would you like some help with that? Our business developers support entrepreneurs in finetuning their business plan. They will also help you find a suitable funding structure and can connect you to an extensive network of financiers. Click here for more information.

Question 4:

Are you active outside the following sectors: primary agriculture, primary construction, (retail) trade, real estate, financial services, hospitality, recreation and tourism?

Question 4:

No NOM funding is provided for the aforementioned sectors.

An exception applies to funding when there is no finished product or service yet. You can read how that works here.

Funding is also possible in these sectors in some cases by the provincial funds we manage, FOM (Fryslan) and MKB Fonds Drenthe.

Specifically for companies loacted in the municipalities of Loppersum, Winsum, Bedum, Ten Boer, Delfzijl, Eemsmond, Midden-Groningen, Appingedam and De Marne or for companies that wish to establish themselves in our region, there is the Groninger GROEIfonds. This fund is for all entrepreneurs, starters, established companies, local and regional entrepreneurs, who bring additional business or employment to North Groningen.

In addition, there are numerous other financiers who do invest in said sectors. Reno Minnema may also be able to help you further.

Question 5:

You answered yes to all the questions. A good starting point for possible funding!

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Question 5:

Unfortunately you do not qualify but we will help you further

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