Investor Readiness

Investor Readiness

Are you an innovative startup based in the Northern Netherlands and do you have the ambition to grow? Are you looking for funding to make your prototype ready for the market, expand the team, further professionalize the organization or do you want to further scale up your company? NOM helps you further.

What does the Investor readiness customized program entail?

This is a program consisting of 5 modules in which we work on finetuning your business plan and professionalizing your organization.

What is the company's right to exist? Where will you be in 10 years? How do you translate your ambitions into an organizational structure and corresponding team? Which legal structure fits best. We will also look at your customer and the market in which you are active. What value do you deliver to your customer segment? And how do you sell this value through the right marketing and sales channels? Which revenue model have you chosen and why?

The goal: to make your business case investor-ready. Participating in the Investor Readiness Program has a number of great benefits. You receive personal guidance from solid startup experts and work together towards a solid funding application. You also get access to a network of relevant companies and investors.

What to expect.

In 5 modules you will take your business case to the next level. In these 5 modules you will be coached by a business developer from NOM.

Topics covered:

  • Translating an innovative product or service into a fundable business model.
  • The right marketing and sales strategy.
  • Setting the right price for your product or service.
  • Determining variables that affect sales.
  • Creating a financial budget.
  • Drafting a striking pitch.

If you ask startups what they need in order to grow, in almost all cases the answer is capital, while only a small number of these startups are actually "investor ready. The IRP was developed in order to bridge this gap.

Eva van Leeuwen
Investor readiness
The investor readiness track really helped us a lot. During the process you are forced to take a critical look at things that you prefer to put off. Things that still seem far away, or are not yet up for discussion. But that's precisely why this is so good, because the decisions you make now will ultimately determine the future of your company. Read more
Eva van Leeuwen of Young Heroes

When do you qualify for the Investor readiness custom program?

  • You are an innovative startup based in the province of Friesland, Groningen or Drenthe.
  • You are looking for funding.
  • You want to know what the next step is to grow your business.
  • You want to learn about the potential sources of funding you may encounter during this phase.
  • You are looking for an organization that can connect with potential investors.
  • You want to develop a promising case with which to persuade investors.

Practical information

  • The start is by mutual agreement.
  • A commitment fee of 250 euros is requested for participation in the track.
  • Sessions can take place in both Dutch and English.

Would you like to know if you qualify? Please contact us.

Sign up for the IR custom program

You can sign up for the Investor Readiness customized program using the form below. After registration we will contact you for an intake interview. NOM will determine whether this program is indeed appropriate for the phase in which your company finds itself.

For more information, please contact Leonie Ebbes T. +31 6 55 71 00 20 (E.

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