Buying or selling a company?

When you want to sell your business or take over a business yourself, a lot of things come up. Perhaps we can advise you in this process. For example, by helping you look for a buyer that suits you and your company. Our network consists of more than a hundred companies in the Northern Netherlands and we have a good overview of the people and the interests at stake.

Tips for selling your business

Take your time, is our most important tip. But we have many more. Five more to be precise, and we've compiled them into a white paper. That way you can organize your thoughts before you talk to us about selling your business.

Please note that the whitepaper below is only available in Dutch.

Whitepaper: Tips for selling your business

Taking over a company

Do you want to take over a company? Then we will put you in touch with companies that are of interest to you and help you if funding proves necessary.