Ruud Van Dijk 2021 01

If it net kin sa't it moat, then moat it mar sa't kin

"If it doesn't work out the way it really should, then you take a different path and try it another way." One of the most famous Frisian proverbs and for me an indispensable competence to be successful in my work.

I was born and raised in Leeuwarden and currently live in picturesque Harlingen. During my studies in human resources and labor I accidentally ended up in banking. Dealing with entrepreneurs, assessing business plans, sounding out strategy and being involved in innovative issues appealed to me.

During this period I learned a lot about funding complex issues and was also able to complete my (second) degree in business economics. Afterwards I transferred to NOM and am now working there as an investment manager.

Here I deal with the assessment of new funding, refinancing and sales processes on a daily basis. The issues that come in to NOM are actually always complex and require the necessary creativity and perseverance to eventually get them realized/funded. Entrepreneurs and NOM are often the ones on the barricades to pull things off, to dare to take risks and also to enthuse others. A fine role in which the Frisian proverb quoted earlier almost always applies.

In my free time, I can often be found on the soccer field watching my son or at my daughter's horseback riding. I also enjoy running. So watch out: if you see someone running through Harlingen wearing a NOM shirt, it could just be me!