New TopDutch campaign launched
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New TopDutch campaign launched

Naturally leading the transition. With this motto, NOM launched the new TopDutch campaign yesterday. The goal of the campaign is to further help accelerate the important transitions in which the Northern Netherlands is a forerunner. This by putting the region on the international map as an ideal business location and by using targeted campaigns to find international companies that add value to the regional ecosystem.

TopDutch is a campaign commissioned by the Province of Fryslân, Province of Drenthe and Province of Groningen. By using TopDutch as the primary economic brand for initiatives and networks, the campaign supports northern ambitions and the northern ecosystem. In doing so, TopDutch works together with NOM's sector specialists to find the right companies and investors who are perfect complements for the region. "In this way we want to ensure together that more innovative, foreign companies that are at the forefront of the transition know how to find our region," said TopDutch campaign leader Simon Kloppenburg.

From forerunner to leader

The Northern Netherlands has all the ingredients to solve global issues in green energy and green chemistry, the future of food, digital innovation, healthy aging and water technology. To truly shape our economy in a cleaner, smarter, healthier and more sustainable way, both a cohesive ecosystem and innovative and international forms of cooperation are necessary. The importance of chain integration and crossovers between transitions offers opportunities here. Chain integration between agriculture and green chemistry offers opportunities for biobased materials and emission-free agriculture. Hydrogen contributes to industry 5.0 and water technology has added value for the hydrogen economy. Examples abound. And they already exist, in the TopDutch region.

Not quantity, but quality

"Our goal is not to attract as many big companies to the region as possible," Kloppenburg said. "Rather, we want to fill the gaps in the transitions. That means we want to work closely with regional initiatives, organizations and companies so that we can identify exactly all the missing links, needs and opportunities. And in that way, we can then set up very targeted and strategic global campaigns. So our goal as TopDutch is to support the North, so that we as a region can become even better at the things we are already good at. After all, the best way to predict the future is to create it together."


And who better to tell you that doing business in the TopDutch region is good, than the already established entrepreneur himself? After all, as a potential newcomer you would like to know who your possible new 'neighbors' are. To that end, the TopDutch puts your company on the map campaign starts today. Aimed at innovative companies already doing their bit for the transitions. Naturally.