Celia Williams talks about what it's like to work for NOM

Celia Williams, Online communications consultant TopDutch

"What I like best about my job is that I was given all the confidence from Day 1; this gives you the opportunity to engage in a wide and interesting range of tasks."

"What I love: we at NOM have always been committed to diversity and internationalizing the team. Now we are also making concrete work of it."

Using your talent to accomplish something for the local community

"NOM has always been open to more colleagues from non-Dutch backgrounds. Lately it has been more noticeable and tangible. Before, even if you didn't speak the language, you got a letter welcoming you in Dutch, all the computers 'spoke' only Dutch. Now there are translations for everything. Then you immediately feel more at home anyway. They really did their best not to leave it at empty words! I can relate, because I'm from England myself, the child of Italian-British-Jamaican parents. Pretty international, right?"

"What I like best about my job is that I was given all the confidence from day one; this gives you the opportunity to engage in a broad and interesting range of tasks. I do hear from friends, who, like me, are just out of college, that for now they may only do social media, or only Google Ads. I feel really taken seriously and really appreciated. I especially enjoy being able to fully use my talents (communications, marketing, copywriting) for the good of the local community."

"To be honest, I didn't apply for a job, I moved along when marketing agency TopDutch (an initiative of the three northern provinces) moved in with NOM. A very logical and efficient move, because we have exactly the same goals: to promote the north of the Netherlands as a favorable place to invest. We do this proactively; for example, I went to the Hannover Messe trade fair with a delegation of 50 students and 50 entrepreneurs. The name TopDutch obviously has a double meaning: top environment to settle in and geographically the top of the country.

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