Joost Biezeno - Investment Analyst

"Here I found the ideal combination of everything I was looking for in an employer!"

Joost Biezeno

You want to make an impact, to be meaningful to others. Most employers will automatically mention this in a job interview, but at NOM you can really count on it.

You are guaranteed to work on innovative projects, sometimes even ventures with global, social impact. Water supply, for example, in countries where that is a problem. Conceived in Friesland. Also think about climate goals or the well-known ESG goals of the EU, the abbreviation for Environment, Society and Governance. We contribute significantly to these. So we do not only look at returns; we are not there to replenish anyone's piggy bank.

About the work itself: I particularly enjoy two things: first, the great variety, the diversity of projects. One day you do research at your desk and write a proposal, the next day you join an investment manager on a working visit and sit down with the entrepreneurs who are making a difference. To get a better picture, to see which people are behind such an application.

Secondly, the large amount of freedom you get to decide for yourself exactly how you interpret your work, how you want to develop also. You get every opportunity for that, we have an ample training budget. NOM stimulates personal growth, which benefits everyone. I myself am taking three courses this calendar year alone, including a 'soft skills' program. In addition to job-specific competencies, there is also attention to the skills that will be useful throughout your career. How do you conduct a bad news conversation? You learn to negotiate, you improve your personal effectiveness. It comes down to investing in yourself."