Parichita Chakraborty, trainee (2023)

Trainee Parichita Chakraborty (Kolkata, India) likes to explain in person what makes our Young Talent Program for Investment Management so attractive. For the trainees themselves as well as for NOM as an ambitious and at the same time patient teacher.

Parichita Chakraborty, trainee

Parichita talks so enthusiastically and to-the-point that colleague Annemieke Wouterse only has to nod affirmatively every now and then. After all, patting on the back is the main task of a good mentor. Together they were there in March, the very first Trainee Days of the brand-new ROM Academy. The national induction days where the trainees and mentors were, marked the kick-off of the program. The nine trainees from seven ROMs (year 1 of the national Academy) went straight to work. On the job.


Soft landing

'If you've just come straight from an education, your first job in business can feel like a leap of faith. Or worse: an ice bath. At NOM, you can count on a "smooth entrance. Don't panic, not only will you receive expert guidance from experienced colleagues, I also have regular contact with ROM trainees in the rest of the Netherlands. If I have any doubts, I simply ask around: what exactly do you pay attention to when you draw up such a term sheet with reciprocal conditions? These will soon be of crucial importance in the preparation of a possible investment. So that has to be done properly. Our group is very close, even outside working hours. They are all equally enthusiastic and full of energy. We don't only see each other online; the 'Tour de ROM' is also in progress. Together on working visits in the other regions. In May, OostNL (Gelderland, Twente) was the organizer, in October the other trainees will come to the North for a stage in the Tour. To the Zernike Campus in Groningen to be exact; getting inspiration from research institutes you would normally never have heard of, smart startups, innovative companies, you name it.

I am now working fully on two beautiful, promising projects. The most difficult, pardon the pun, I found at the beginning the "finance for non-financials. Definitions, legislation. But you learn that in no time! Other skills turn out to be much more important.' Mentor Annemieke is happy to add: 'It is a misunderstanding that you already have to be half a business or financial expert to do anything for NOM. It is precisely diversity that will take us further. Not only in the male-female ratio (there are now four women trainee), but also in terms of background and field of study. A fresh, uninhibited view can work wonders, as we now know.

I do think Parichita is a shining example. Just because of the important NOM spearhead of healthy aging. Moreover, she comes from the "unexpected" background of a PhD in Life Sciences & Health. She knows everything about molecules and cells, so to speak. When she soon joins a startup in the Life Sciences & Health sector, she understands those people. Their motivations, obstacles on the path, their way of thinking. Combined with the input of our more financially minded analysts and investment managers, that's going to produce rock-solid, watertight and decisive teams. Ideal.

Parichita's golden tip for future trainees:

'Even if you think you don't quite have the right background, this is the perfectly fitting stepping stone if you want to be meaningful. I wanted to continue doing something with my field of life sciences, but preferably with visible results. Something that society can really tangibly benefit from. That is what we do at NOM. You could also say: serious impact through investing.'

Interested in a traineeship?

Good to know: you just graduated, you have up to 2 years of work experience. It's really not the case that you have to be competent in Business Administration, Economics or Finance. Just ask Parichita. The following are definitely a plus: people skills, common sense, (no) patience, entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity in general. The other "soft skills" you're going to need are just in the curriculum. Really something for you, it seems to us.

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