Henri Kats, Investment Manager

"In my previous job, I worked for Groningen Seaports, the two ports of Delfzijl and Eemshaven. Now I support companies as an investor. You could say: a switch from land to money. A completely different perspective again!"

Henri Kats

I did need a new school of learning, a different dynamic

"I was also working in the chemistry network at Groningen Seaports; I still do. But with a completely different perspective. In recent years, by the way, NOM has deliberately chosen an approach by sector. My sector is mainly the 'Cleantech' sector, that is: innovations in the field of green chemistry and sustainable energy. You also have the Agro, Maritime, Water Technology, IT and Life Sciences & Health sectors. But of course there is often an overlap between those fields. You have a broad and varied field of activity at NOM, throughout the Northern Netherlands."

"Now I sit at the table on behalf of NOM to support meaningful new business activity with money. This has given me a completely different perspective on companies. I studied chemistry and then I brushed up my financial knowledge. A good combination, because we look at technology and at the feasibility of a business case. That's what makes it so interesting. At NOM there is always room for personal development. I expect to stay here for a long time. For me, this new world, working with a different team, was very refreshing. But I'm not a job hopper. Working at NOM is too fascinating and too enjoyable for that. Besides: you patiently work on long-term relationships with companies, you really commit to them, that kind of commitment is indispensable."

"I enjoy the fact that I can help companies, or rather the people behind those companies, get started in greening chemistry. You're sometimes amazed at what can already be done technically. Just take the sugar agenda. People are working hard on sugars as a raw material for new molecules. Not only for the food industry, but also for beautiful inventions like bioplastics. That really is the future."