Client review with Eva van Leeuwen, founder of Young Heroes about the Investor Readiness Program

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Eva van Leeuwen

Young Heroes helps Gen Z build a career. They do this with a coaching and career program for young professionals. On their platform, they pair young talent with expert coaches, provide practice-relevant training and workshops, and offer advice on career and development-related topics.

What question did you come to NOM with?

We initially wanted to grow our business naturally. But we noticed that the demand from the market was very high and we came to a point where we really wanted to take steps. We were not necessarily looking for an investment yet, but we were looking for a sparring partner and we were curious if NOM could do something for us.

Eva van Leeuwen

What has our service brought you?

As an entrepreneur you are always impatient and want to make progress, but this really helped us a lot. During the process you are forced to look critically at things you would rather put off. Things that still seem far away, or are not yet up for discussion. But that is precisely why this is very good, because the decisions you make now ultimately determine the future of your business. Of course, we also know that the path never goes exactly as planned, but really clearly putting our vision on paper and working toward it has been a very valuable process.

Eva van Leeuwen

How did you experience the cooperation with NOM?

Very good. It's nice that we were able to work together on an equal footing. Especially when you are in an investment process, that trust is so incredibly important. You have to dare to be vulnerable and ask questions about things that you sometimes don't know much about. And that sometimes feels contradictory, because at the same time you want to radiate self-confidence. After all, it is your company and you want to show that you have what it takes to make it a success.

Eva van Leeuwen

Would you recommend our services to another person and what would you say?

Certainly, but it is important that there really is a click, both personally and professionally. After all, you are entering a really intensive process. We were lucky in that respect with our contact persons Anouk and later Ytsen from NOM, but it is important to be critical, because you will have to work together for a long time.

Eva van Leeuwen

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