Customer review with Faten Salem, founder ILIK about Startup Visa

ILIK founder Faten Salem

Mental health and menstrual health go hand in hand, says ILIK founder Faten Salem. That’s why the social innovation startup is on a mission to help women understand the impact of their menstrual cycles on their mental wellbeing. ILIK wants to offer a range of tools designed to help women understand their emotional and physical changing needs throughout the month.

What question did you come to NOM with?

‘I applied for the Startup Visa program, because I was looking for a place where I could further develop the idea for ILIK. I had a lot of business experience, but not startup experience, so I was looking for help and guidance to turn my idea into something that can really have an impact for women. We were a very early stage startup and the NOM felt like a great facilitator to work with and take things to the next level.

ILIK founder Faten Salem

How have our services impacted your business?

The NOM has given ILIK the essential support that has transformed our idea into something practical, something that can genuinely make a difference in women's lives. I've also had the privilege of having the support and guidance of incredible Dutch women like Fleur Mulder and my mentor, Antje Meindersma.

ILIK founder Faten Salem

How did you experience the collaboration with NOM?

My journey with the Startup Visa program and NOM has been a game-changer. As a female founder, it has been an incredible support system for ILIK. We are still a tiny startup, and NOM has been instrumental in supporting us in this early stage. The support, guidance, feedback and those great networking opportunities have been crucial in our ideation and development.

ILIK founder Faten Salem

Would you recommend our services to others and if so, what would you say?

Absolutely! They changed the game for me. And I feel that everyone I’ve worked with genuinely wants to help turn my idea into something successful, which is great for an early stage startup. If you’re looking for guidance and mentorship and an opportunity to validate your concept or product, I definitely recommend working with the NOM as a facilitator.

ILIK founder Faten Salem

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