Customer review with Gert Maneschijn and René Bultje Co-founders of WeedaGo by NOM

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WeedaGo is working on robots that use artificial intelligence to recognize weeds and control them plant-specifically. Not unimportant because weed pressure poses a serious economic threat to the agricultural sector. The field robot that is now ready and beginning production focuses on controlling dock sorrel. Dorsetail is a persistent and troublesome weed that can spread quickly and is a pest to farmers, especially dairy farmers. After all, where dock grass grows, no grass grows.

What was the reason for joining the Business Innovation Program Food (BIPF)?

We found that we needed more market knowledge to make the company a success. Does WeedaGo now provide a product or a service? And which customer will you focus on? To answer those questions, the BIPF offered us the opportunity to do in-depth market research in the form of customer interviews, among other things.

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What did the program give you?

Perhaps even more than previously thought. We were given some kind of method to give us a good understanding of market needs. Initially, we saw the farmers themselves as our main target group. Only, when a farmer buys a robot, it ends up in the barn for a while after weed control. That's not exactly cost-effective. The customer interviews showed that it is better to provide the robot in combination with the drone as a service to contractors. Simply because a contractor has several farmers in his portfolio.

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How did you experience the cooperation with NOM?

Excellent. The contact was smooth and the guidance during the BIPF was professional and helpful. It was nice to occasionally spar extensively with the people from NOM. How are you in it? What market is attractive to you and do you see parties you could collaborate with? That too was very helpful.

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Would you recommend the BIPF to another and what would you say?

A resounding yes. A proven and valuable approach is used. At the same time, the contact with the other participating companies is interesting and instructive. You do get put into a pressure cooker to do market research. You are expected to deliver something periodically. That time pressure ensures that you stay sharp and make better choices.

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