Customer review with Jean Mekelenkamp Founder and owner of Lumbriculus by NOM


With Lumbriculus, based in Oostwold, I deal with the breeding of aquatic worms for large fish farms in particular. The Lumbriculus Variegatus, to be precise, a freshwater worm, also called blackworm. The worms can swim on their own and reproduce at lightning speed by dividing themselves. In addition, they contain the necessary protein and fats to give fish more resistance during the reproductive phase. For breeding the worms, I have developed my own closed and controlled system.

What was the reason for joining the Business Innovation Program Food (BIPF)?

I was just curious and hoped to learn something. Besides, I felt I had been on an island by myself long enough. I wanted to share my story with other entrepreneurs who are helping to shape the food transition. During the BIPF, you learn to look critically at your business and examine who and where your customers really are. I knew that could move my business forward.

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What did the program give you?

The BIPF has given me a better understanding of the actual needs of potential clients. Previously, I was too broadly oriented. The BIPF has taught me to focus. During customer interviews, I learned that large fish farmers were eagerly looking for live feed for consumer fish such as salmon, tuna and sturgeon. I was aware of that, but didn't know the problem was so big. That insight helped me make sharp choices.

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How did you experience the cooperation with NOM?

It was very pleasant and constructive. In a positive way you are challenged and stimulated to get the best out of BIPF for yourself. Of course you had to do the assignments individually. Yet throughout the program I had the feeling that we were really doing it together.

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Would you recommend the BIPF to another and what would you say?

I can absolutely recommend it. Especially because I know enough examples of companies in the agrifood sector that do everything a little bit and nothing quite right. The BIPF helps you clarify where your strengths lie and where you need to focus. Every entrepreneur can benefit from that.

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