Business Innovation Program Food

Business Innovation Progran Food

Participate in the Business Innovation Program Food

Tomorrow's world needs food innovators today. Is your idea or business making the food chain more sustainable, smarter, efficient or healthy and looking to access the market with a revenue model? Then take part in the introductory workshop of the Business Innnovation Program Food (BIPF). Here you will be introduced to the full program in a low-threshold way and there is plenty of room to ask questions. This way you will know for sure if the program is a good fit for you.

The BIPF supports startups and existing SMEs who want to make a powerful contribution to the food transition with their idea. Within 10 modules you receive answers to important questions that will eventually form the basis for a healthy business case. More than 50 companies have already successfully participated in the program. Participants are diverse, think of agriculture and horticulture, the food processing industry, data and technology companies and (logistics) service providers and many others.

What will you receive during the program?

  • A step-by-step method, in which we train you to work on your vision, customer, product, impact, revenue model, your team and collaborations at the right time and in the right way.
  • A weekly plenary theory session, alternately online or at a central location in the Netherlands, in which you will receive feedback from the trainers, facilitators and other participants.
  • Practical assignments to complete each module.
  • Valuable one-on-one guidance with a business development specialist from your local regional development corporation (ROM).
  • A wrap-up with a 100-day plan, so you can continue to work on concrete goals after the program.

What do you get from the program?

  • A significantly higher success rate from idea to sustainable business model.
  • A sharp focus on prioritizing attention, time and money in the startup phase.
  • Thorough knowledge and insights into who your customer is and where they are located, what your revenue model is, clear communication of your idea or business, insights into the right cooperation partners and a concrete roadmap for the next phase of growth.
  • A useful and instructive cross-pollination between other participating companies also active within the agri-food sector.
  • A valuable contribution to a more sustainable and healthier economy

Here's what previous participants say about the Business Innovation Program Food

"Thanks to the program and interviews, I got serious leads and clients and made choices with confidence."
Jacqueline van Eerd, Sustainable oyster mushroom nursery Southern Mushroom

"During the program you are in an innovative environment, besides looking more critically at your own business, you also learn a lot from others."
Rachel Hanssen, data science specialist COMPUTD

"Thanks to the program, the critical perspective and the strong focus on substantiating all decisions, I gained a clear direction for where to go with my business."
Ben Pieterse, founder and owner vertical farming startup Glowfarms

"The program came at exactly the right time for us. It has forced us to verify our existing ideas in the market, so we are going to reach our goal faster and with less risk."
Sebastiaan Hetterschijt, founder and owner of Bakkersgrondstof

More information or register directly?

Visit the BIPF's info and registration page at this link.

Collaborative partners

The BIPF is an initiative of the regional development companies united in ROM Netherlands. Partners within this program are the development companies(LIOF, NOM, Innovation Quarter, Horizon, Oost NL, ROM Utrecht Region, Impuls Zeeland, ROM InWest and BOM) in cooperation with the Foundation Together Against Food Waste, Invest-NL and Rabobank.

Direct contact with your local business developer?

Joep de Vries at T. +31 6 253 926 71 E.
Riegiena Eefsting at T. +31 6 552 255 16 E.