Sybo Zijlstra 2021 01

Born and raised Frisian

But for education and work also spent considerable time outside the provincial borders. Studied in Leeuwarden and Tilburg, did an internship in London and lived in Vietnam from 2010 to 2017. I worked in the financial markets for a long time as a portfolio and investment manager for an insurance company. Then as finance manager for an agricultural consulting firm, but upon returning to the Netherlands eventually returned to an investment related position.

In the position of investment manager Frisian Development Company (FOM) at NOM, I am now close to the Frisian SMEs and have moved from listed stocks and bonds to private equity and venture capital and from Vietnamese farmers and horticulturists to Frisian entrepreneurs. This is how I hope to contribute to the economic development of the North and especially Fryslân. The switch from international financial markets to SMEs and from macro to micro took some getting used to, but the fact that you are close to the entrepreneurs means that you can have a much more direct impact and that gives a lot of satisfaction.