Nom Jan24 002

Nature is our great example

With this life motto I get up every morning. I spent my younger years in the Frisian countryside among the cows in beautiful surroundings. During my time as a professional soldier, I was able to further develop personally, including educating and training conscripts. The latent urge for the North led to a move to the Leeuwarder Courant, later NDC media group, where I grew and flourished from financial roles.

It is my belief that everything in nature has already been invented. Innovations are often inspired by curiosity and the combination and application of existing systems from nature. This conviction prompted me to start the foundation 'Benefits of Nature' independently. From this initiative I have worked in the horticulture and water sector and lastly at a manufacturing company that focuses on upgrading biogas.

NOM offers knowledge, expertise and capital; in addition to entrepreneurship, these are basic ingredients for an entrepreneur to successfully run a business. With the focus on sustainable, smart and healthy as an investment manager to contribute to these wonderful goals, which really matter, gives me energy. This suits who I am and what I want. With my (international) background as a specialist, manager, entrepreneur in various industries, together with my colleagues I can make the difference towards entrepreneurs to support them in the next phase of development; for the company and sometimes also personally.

Living in the North gives my life more quality. This is reflected in a beautiful living environment, close to the Tjeukemeer. I am also active in my spare time as co-owner (remotely) of a landscaping company in the middle of the country. Spending time with my loved ones, regular sports, visiting music events and activities in and around the house contribute to the necessary balance.