Sietse Seinstra 2021 01

Sietse Seinstra

Facility employee

A Frisian by birth, who has been devoted to the city of Groningen for almost a lifetime

You can't get much more northern than that. I started at NOM in Groningen in the summer of 2015. Soon I found out, I became part of a great team.

Before this I worked at a bank and at the municipality of Groningen. There I often spent all day behind the PC. At NOM I have found a totally different way of working. I am much more on the move and I like that. Besides my daily work, such as maintaining the coffee machines and copiers and taking care of lunch, unexpected things often happen. For example, our elevator in the building has jammed a few times already and twice a year the NOM flag outside has to be replaced. That way, no day is the same and there is plenty of variety.

Finally, I hope, that I can keep it up at NOM for a very long time.