Parichita Chakraborty

Parichita Chakraborty

Investment Analyst


I am Parichita. I come from Kolkata, a beautiful and busy city in Eastern India. I completed my Masters in Life Sciences from India. In 2016, I came to Groningen for a two-month project. I loved Groningen so much that I reapplied for my PhD in Molecular Microbiology in 2018.

But soon, I realized that I wanted a job where I could talk and work with a lot of enthusiastic people who were bridging the gap between innovation and society. I participated in the Vencapital Fellowship Program to learn more about VCs. I enjoyed the apprenticeship work and applied for the Investment Management Traineeship at NOM.

I joined NOM in January 2023. I enjoy working with my colleagues and learning new things from them. The thing I love the most about this work is that each project is unique, and I get to learn new things. This keeps me well-motivated. Because of my background in Life Sciences, I focus mostly on Life Sciences and Health projects. I think the traineeship would be a perfect way for me to transition from academia into investing.

Outside my work, I am trained in two Indian classical dance forms, Kathak and Bharatnatyam . I enjoy choreographing and performing on stage.