Sil Faber

Sil Faber

Project Manager Internationalization

Born and raised in Friesland, moved to Groningen for college and fell in love with the city there. My name is Sil Faber and I have been working for NOM since June 2022.

As a business expert, I find all related aspects of business management interesting. From the organizational, financial and business issues to, for example, logistical puzzles, marketing, communication and HRM issues. In the position of Project Manager Internationalizing, I can connect my international business interests and contribute to a warm welcome for companies that want to establish themselves in the area I am so enthusiastic about: Northern Netherlands!

Previously I worked in the tech and energy industry as an account manager for several years. But still made the switch to Project Management, where I get energy and satisfaction from creating great opportunities in our region.

The love for Friesland has not faded. As a native Frisian I grew up with water sports, something I can really enjoy. In addition, I am often on my racing bike and I am up for a game of tennis / padel. To end the day with a good bite to eat outside the door!