Petra Engel 2021 01

Being born and raised in Rotterdam, I may seem a bit out of place next to all those northerners. Yet it doesn't feel that way, since I have lived in Groningen since I was 21 years old. So actually I think I can call myself a bit of a northerner.

Within NOM I am mainly involved in corporate events, graphic design, corporate gifts and printing and maintaining various websites. I am also responsible for communications from our regional funds: the FOM and the MKB Fonds Drenthe.

My work in the Marketing & Communications department ensures that what we do is also seen by entrepreneurs in the Northern Netherlands. Because that's what it's all about; helping entrepreneurs! Because of our position in the Northern Netherlands we have built up such a large network that there is always something we can do for an entrepreneur. After all, successful entrepreneurs make a successful Northern Netherlands!

If you ask me, we in the north could do with a bit more chest-there is so much to be proud of! In any case, as a northerner from Rotterdam, I am proud to contribute to this!