Klaas Kooistra 2021 01

I have been working at NOM since 2014, why NOM? That year was a moment of reflection for me: what do I find important in my work? I was working at a bank, providing corporate finance. Before that I had worked as a grant advisor for innovative projects and in the evenings I was working on an innovative startup. The moment of reflection led to two key points for my new job: providing funding and being engaged in innovation and growth. Two things that NOM offers like no other.

After 7 years as an Investment Manager at NOM with a focus on start-ups, I started in 2022 as Investment Manager at the NOM-managed fund the Frisian Development Company (FOM). The FOM focuses on Frisian SMEs with a wide range of products. For me a logical step because it brings more variety and challenge and with my Frisian roots it still feels like coming home. As Investment Manager, for me mutual trust and the will to work together are essential here. I expect (hope) that in this way I can contribute to creating the great companies for the future!