Gerard Lenstra 2021 01

Gerard Lenstra

Project Manager Internationalization

That the North is so attractive has already been described by many of my colleagues. There is little I can add to that. To the region itself I can!

New ideas, new activity, new jobs....kortom new impulses and new energy. Because opportunities and possibilities abound in the North, creativity and smart solutions can also be found here. And the great thing about the North is that we like to put our shoulders to the wheel together.

The same applies to the team at NOM: together we try to find the best approach to attract companies and grow promising ideas. And how exactly that works is largely determined by what you encounter 'in the work'. Whether it's the horses at home, or renovating my old Land Rover, it always goes slightly differently than what is written in the books. The strength of NOM is that we keep going to make the best of it!

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