Anna Moerbeek

Anna Moerbeek

Project Manager

Hi, I am Anna Moerbeek and since 2023 I work at NOM. I was born in Arnhem and grew up in Usquert (North Groningen). I have lived in different places, but in the end I am happiest in our beautiful city. Nothing beats Groningen!

I started as a project manager in the translation world, where I was allowed to plan, organize and monitor all kinds of short- and long-term projects. From there I progressed to process manager and team leader/general manager.

Since June 2023, I have been working at NOM as project manager for innovation projects. In a nutshell, my job is to keep EDIH, the European Digitalization Innovation Hub, of which NOM is a lead partner. I do the daily management of this project and keep an eye on the overall progress. A nice, big job in which I can put my organizational drive to good use.

I live in the city, with my boyfriend and our 2 daughters. In my free time, I like to play tennis. I love vacations in the sun, so all I have to do is relax and read. But I am also always up for a nice city trip!