Doing business internationally

International business in Drenthe

Do you have a business in the province of Drenthe and would you like to broaden your horizons by doing business internationally? Then read more about international business.

International business in Drenthe

Drenthe is home to many SMEs that have the ambition to do business internationally. Do you have a company in the province of Drenthe and would you like to broaden your horizons by operating abroad? NOM provides you with the tools you need to make that adventure a success. Start doing international business today!

What we do for entrepreneurs

Doing business internationally comes with many challenges. A new language, culture, different business customs and laws and regulations do not always make things easy. Our specialists are ready to guide you through this process. We do this by, among other things:

  • Assistance in navigating the (international) field.
  • Pointing out government programs and incentives.
  • Inventorizing any bottlenecks or obstacles.
  • Reaching solutions together.

A practical example of international business

Imagine that you decide to expand your business in the water sector into the Asian market. Whereas in the Netherlands the water sector has clear guidelines, in Indonesia it is a bit more complicated. To find out how the water sector in Indonesia works and whether there is interest in the product in question, we put you in touch with the Netherlands Business Support Office (NSBO) in Indonesia. These trade offices can be found all over the world. Together with the embassy of the country concerned, they provide internationally active companies with advice on:

  • Market Information
  • Collaborative partners
  • Local laws and regulations

NOM makes sure you get in touch with the right parties. This way you are assured of reliable sources, information and contacts. Are you looking for more information about bottlenecks and obstacles? Then also read our blog on international entrepreneurship.

Subsidy schemes for international business

The province of Drenthe has various subsidy schemes. These include the voucher scheme for hiring external expertise such as translators, tax specialists and lawyers. Because of the different legislations it is advisable, for example, to translate and legally check delivery terms. There are also national subsidy opportunities such as the Starters International Business (SIB) scheme. This allows you to hire a coach to guide you through various issues such as drawing up a concrete plan of action and informing you about networking opportunities. Would you like to know which subsidies apply to your situation? Please contact Wibo van Wier.

International business and cooperation

NOM's specialists have years of experience assisting entrepreneurs with international ambitions. Our specialists go the extra mile. We help you with the strategy behind your plans. We also have a broad network. We bring entrepreneurs into contact with each other so that they can help one another to succeed in their plans.

Our network for international business

Within our internationalization program we cooperate with other regions and Trade and Innovate NL. Through this network, our specialists are always aware of the latest developments. We are also well informed about new regulations. We ensure that businesses are aware of subsidies and schemes which brings The Hague closer to Drenthe, while businesses in Drenthe become active internationally.

Would you like to do international business and could use some help and advice? Then contact our specialist, Wibo van Wier.

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