Wim AB 2021 01

Wim A,B.

Project Manager Internationalization

Born and raised in beautiful Veendam

Born and raised in beautiful Veendam and working for NOM since 1996. The first years as a grant advisor and then switched to the acquisition side of the NOM work, or Foreign Direct Investment. Varied, surprising and therefore fascinating work. With an acquisition project you never know exactly what you are starting and certainly not where it ends.

Because of my "roots" and during my NOM career I have built a large network with a geographical center of gravity in the province of Groningen and with sectoral centers of gravity in the offshore (wind) industry, IT/data center sector and logistics.

I studied English Language and Literature at the University of Groningen and played soccer for over 40 years at Veendam 1894 on Sportpark De Langeleegte (who doesn't know it?). In recent years I have exchanged the green soccer field for the indoor sports hall, where I closely follow and encourage my two fanatically volleyball playing daughters.