Wubbo Everts 2021 01

Wubbo Everts

Project Manager Internationalization

A curious combo?

By now the observant viewer has spotted the components: a water bottle with a soccer logo as well as eye-catching sunglasses. At first glance this may seem unusual, but as is often the case, it is easy to explain. Starting with the sunglasses: not just any sunglasses, but one with TopDutch print. TopDutch, you know, the northern Dutch charm offensive to get Tesla to build the large-scale battery factory in this region. Meanwhile, the guerrilla marketing model has been abandoned somewhat and TopDutch will be structurally embedded in NOM's acquisition approach. Digitalization and greening are central to the TopDutch campaign. You ain't seen nothing yet....

Born in Groningen in the beautiful southeast of the province, but in terms of perception a real NOMmer, who has a very warm heart for the development of this northern part of the country and wants to actively contribute to it. Working within the Foreign Direct Investment department and in that capacity I have built up quite a few contacts on this planet in recent years with the aim of attracting more companies to the TopDutch region and thereby creating more jobs. Focus on IT and specifically data centers, but also interested in industrial participation and certainly interested in other sectors. By now quite convinced of the power of social media, also in the connection with direct foreign investment.

And what about that water bottle and that logo? Simple: once I got infected with the Feyenoord virus, the only real people's club in the Netherlands. My own amateur football career has ended, but as a club referee I occasionally whistle a few youth matches. I am also a board member of the largest multi-day beach volleyball event in the Netherlands. To keep myself somewhat athletic, I have carefully started cycling. With the emphasis on 'carefully'.

If you have questions on the digital front, want to learn more about opportunities to establish or expand your business in the TopDutch region or just want to 's talk about soccer or cycling, you can reach me at everts@nom.nl or 06-21518497.