Nom Jan24 013

Steven de Groot

Junior Business Developer

During my master's degree in Strategic Innovation Management, I wrote my thesis on how entrepreneurs learn from failure. What mistakes do many entrepreneurs make? Why do some entrepreneurs decide to return to business after bankruptcy and others don't? I interviewed many entrepreneurs and got super interesting insights about entrepreneurship, innovation and resilience. These interviews also gave me a new perspective on failure: apart from the pain of failure, it is often a wonderful learning experience. A perspective that is often underexposed in the Netherlands.

Driven to learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship, I found this combination within my current position as Business Developer at NOM. I find it interesting to see how we as NOM can help start-ups grow and increase the chances of success for entrepreneurs with our Market Readiness Programs. I also find that we are doing this with a nice social purpose: stimulating the northern economy.

Outside of work, I like to get moving. I do this by walking, running, playing tennis or hanging on to weights at the gym.