Gijs Vermeer

Gijs Vermeer

Investment Manager Groninger GROEIfonds

Being in daily contact with entrepreneurs and being able to contribute to the realization of innovative plans and ideas is an important reason why I wanted to get involved with the Groninger GROEIfonds.

The slogan; "The GROEI Fund dares more" appeals to me greatly.

After years of working in the banking sector, I find it very exciting to be able to provide venture capital as an Investment Manager at the GROEI Fund and, in doing so, also open the door to other capital providers.

This way you are really able to accelerate. I enjoy looking creatively at how something can be done, what you need to do it and then organizing it. For this, we as GROEIfonds and within the NOM house have a lot of knowledge and an extensive network that we are happy to open up.

I am a native Frisian, but have now lived in Groningen for more than half my life and feel like a townsman. The province of Drenthe, on the other hand, I have come to know and appreciate very much in business terms in recent years. So I can say that I am well known in the North and feel very much at home there, but I also love to travel the wide world. This with a backpack, bike or camper. I think the common thread is that I am curious by nature and open to gaining new experiences. Whether it is a company I am visiting or a new travel destination.