Danielle Van Dalfsen 2021 01

Danielle van Dalfsen

Investment Manager NOM

I was born in Overijssel, grew up in Drenthe and now live in Groningen. And I know it for sure: nothing beats Groningen! When I was 18 I came to live in Groningen for my studies and I have never left. I enjoy living in Groningen-city together with my boyfriend and beautiful daughter. In my spare time, I enjoy our family as much as possible, love to be in the kitchen making delicious baked goods and also try to exercise to compensate for those baked goods.

I have been working at NOM since 2015 and over the years I have had different roles. Very cool to get the chance to go through personal development and grow. Currently I work as an investment manager, where we invest with our team in beautiful innovative companies in the Northern Netherlands. Every day I deal with the enormous variety of plans and ideas that entrepreneurs in the Northern Netherlands have to offer. With this I try to help build a stronger and more beautiful Northern Netherlands.