Annemarie Atema 2021 02

Annemarie Atema

Manager of Marketing & Communications

I am a northerner

So that's out. I was born in Friesland and lived there for the first 6 months of my life. Then I lived in Emmeloord for several years. And then my father could choose between a job in Bergen, Arnhem or Roden. It became Roden. And then you soon end up in Groningen while studying. In short, I have 'touched' all three northern provinces and that makes me a true northerner. And although I now live in Drenthe, I don't call myself a Drenthe. I like to cross provincial borders. After all, you are stronger together than alone.

I will be very honest. At first I found it quite difficult - well, always worked for commercial organizations and now what are they selling at NOM? From Marketing & Communications, selling licorice is easier... But fortunately the NOM message soon became clear. NOM's "products" are actually the Nommers themselves. The colleagues who work hard to connect entrepreneurs, help companies in the North with funding and to attract foreign investors to the Northern Netherlands. So what do I do? I try to share this information as much as possible. So that as many entrepreneurs as possible can make use of it. This is done through this site, social media channels, the NOMMER and of course 'live' somewhere in the Northern Netherlands or beyond.