NOM Talks Episode 10A - Diversity and Inclusion at Companies in the Northern Netherlands
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NOM Talks Episode 10a - Diversity and Inclusion in the Northern Netherlands

In this episode of NOM Talks, Jellie Tiemersma (director/owner Personal Too, Director at VNONCWMKB Noord, commissioner at Fier and Nijestee and chairman of Stichting Aletta Jacobs Noord Nederland) and Serge de Mul (founder Ultraware, Assen) are guests. They will discuss diversity and inclusion at companies in the Northern Netherlands with Wim A,B. and Rob Drees of the NOM. In the column, colleague Annemarie Atema (Marketing & communications manager) talks about the steps NOM has taken to increase diversity and inclusion in the organization.

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As part of Diversity and Inclusion Week, Noorderlink is hosting a number of activities. Check out these activities.

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