MedTech company IMPLICAN raises €1 million in seed capital

MedTech company IMPLICAN raises €1 million in seed capital

Implican, a medical device company has raised €1 million in a first round of investment.

Implican is developing a new technique for making colorectal anastomoses based on compression and primary wound healing. The investment will allow further development of the device and the start of preclinical and clinical testing. The investment comes from Dutch investors NextGen Ventures and NOM, the investment and development company for the Northern Netherlands.

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New technology

Start-up Implican focuses on the treatment of colorectal anastomosis made after resection of the rectum or sigmoid, often due to colon cancer.
Implican is developing a new technique "the anastomotic device"; By compressing the two intestinal ends between rings, the submucosa of both intestinal ends is joined just outside the rings. The layers are sterile and well perfused, allowing the wound to heal quickly. Metal staples are used in the currently common suturing techniques, in which seam leakage occurs up to about 20% of cases, with unpleasant consequences for the patient. The rings leave the intestines through the natural route, leaving no foreign material in the body.

Managemant team

Ivo Kooijman, CEO of Implican: "We are delighted with the confidence these renowned Dutch investors have placed in us. We have great respect for their experience in the MedTech sector. If we also receive the right supporting grant yet, we will be able to develop the alpha version of our product and even complete the first phase I studies in humans."

Klaas Havenga, CMO of Implican and head of the Department of Gastro-Intestinal Surgery at the University of Groningen, added, "I look forward to further developing this patented solution in collaboration with the UMCG. It will greatly benefit our patients. We aim to develop a device that is easy to use and has minimal impact on the environment."

MedTech company IMPLICAN raises €1 million in seed capital

Klaas Havenga at work developing the device


Peter Haasjes, Investment Director at NextGen Ventures, said, "We are convinced that seam leakage after colorectal surgery can be reduced with the technology developed by Implican. The investment aligns perfectly with our mission to contribute to healthy aging and better care."

Ytsen van der Meer, Investment Manager NOM: "By reducing complications after surgery, Implican's solution can take some of the pressure off the healthcare system. Implican is already closely linked to the Northern Netherlands and this investment underlines that."

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