Fleur Mulder

Hi, my name is Fleur, nice to meet you!

I was born and raised in Veendam and moved to Groningen to study (International Business and Strategic Innovation Management). Even though I have lived in various places abroad, nothing beats Groningen. That's why I now live with my boyfriend in Groningen South.

After my studies I followed a traineeship and worked as a project manager/Lean specialist for several years. I continue to love working and improving lean, but I missed the contact with 'the outside world'. That is why I am now enjoying my role at NOM, where I regularly sit around the table with entrepreneurs, municipalities and colleagues from NFIA. Showing foreign entrepreneurs that the northern Netherlands is the perfect place to locate, as a native of Groningen, that has to work, right?

Outside of work I regularly play tennis with friends - of course that includes drinks on the terrace afterwards. I enjoy baking and even more enjoy eating the results with my friends.

Would you like to meet? Feel free to call or email!