Update: useful links for business owners regarding Coronavirus

Through this page, we are sharing a number of links from various sources that may provide relevant information for you. We wish everyone good health and lots of strength during this difficult time! And please know that team NOM is ready to help you whenever possible. Please be sure to get in touch.

Apply for the Fixed Charge Contribution for SMEs.

SME entrepreneurs who have been directly affected by the various cabinet measures to contain the corona virus can apply for the SME Fixed Costs Contribution (TVL) from Tuesday, June 30, 2020. Depending on the size of the company, the amount of the fixed costs and the degree of turnover loss, companies will receive an allowance for their fixed costs up to a maximum of 50,000 euros for June through September 2020.

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Call for tenderers for innovation competitions COVID-19

3 million has been made available to public clients in 2020-2021 to have innovative products or services developed that address the impacts of COVID-19.

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Tender SNN for innovative COVID-19 solutions in NNL

Starting this Friday, April 10, the three northern provinces and the North Netherlands Cooperation Agency (SNN) are jointly making EUR 1 million available for a special 'COVID-19 grant' to be applied for innovative Corona solutions in the northern Netherlands. This amount will come from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) implemented by the SNN.

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Techleap Corona Startup Support Portal

On this page you will find useful information for startups:

  • Startup Guide COVID-19
  • Consultation with experts
  • Online Events
  • COVID 19 VC index
  • Services offered by partners
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State aid: The Emergency Employment Bridging Measure (NOW) explained

On March 31, 2020, the Emergency Employment Retention Bridging Measure ("NOW") was announced. The NOW aims to provide a subsidy to employers experiencing an acute and significant decline in turnover to partially cover payroll costs.

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Cabinet expands support for entrepreneurs due to coronavirus (7/4)

The Cabinet today took additional measures to support entrepreneurs due to the economic impact of the corona virus. These include additional funding through the Guarantee Entrepreneurship Funding (GO scheme) and specific credit opportunities for start-ups and scale-ups. In addition, the premium for the expanded Small and Medium Enterprises Guarantee Scheme (BMKB) will be reduced. The government will also reinsure supplier credit up to an amount of 12 billion euros. In addition, more companies will receive a one-time grant to offset the impact of measures taken by the government to combat the coronavirus: the aim is to open up this particular extension by April 15, 2020.

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Sales loss calculator

Many employers are struggling now that some or all of their operations have come to a standstill. The government wants to make it possible for employers to continue paying their staff so that no one has to be laid off. Employers who have at least 20 percent loss of turnover over a 3-month period can receive an allowance from March 1, 2020. This relief will be up to 90 percent of the wage bill, measured against the loss of turnover.

Calculate the percentage of expected revenue loss over 3 months

Checklist corona crisis for your business

With all the regulations, protocols and concerns about the coronavirus, do you no longer see the big picture for your business? This checklist from the Chamber of Commerce will help you get your overview back. 10 tips for getting a better grip on your business during the corona crisis.

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Ynbusiness (Fryslân)

Ynbusiness has listed all national, provincial and municipal schemes. Each scheme mentions when it is relevant to you as an SME with staff and/or ZZP (self-employed without staff).

View YN Business' Coronavirus Information Page

I am Drents entrepreneur - Everything you need to know about coronavirus as an entrepreneur

Drenthe entrepreneurs and self-employed people who are in trouble due to the effects of the corona crisis will be treated the same as much as possible. The province of Drenthe is pulling together with the Drenthe municipalities in supporting affected entrepreneurs. Together they are looking at which measures should be used to strengthen the liquidity position of companies and self-employed people. Nationally, various schemes are being set up to support entrepreneurs and the self-employed. The province and municipalities are also taking measures. You will find the most up-to-date overview of the national, provincial and municipal schemes and frequently asked questions.

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Municipality of Groningen - Support for entrepreneurs during coronavirus

Various entrepreneurs are experiencing the consequences of the measures surrounding the coronavirus. Where possible, the municipality of Groningen wants to support entrepreneurs. In these uncertain times, national and municipal regulations have been made to help entrepreneurs get through this time. Through the link below you can read all regulations.

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ONL for entrepreneurs Corona information

ONL has listed key information, including:

  • Overview of all measures from the central government
  • Overview of government counters
  • Overview of initiatives and help for and by entrepreneurs
  • ONL Corona podcast - Hans Biesheuvel answers questions
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Techleap COVID-19 Startup Guide

On this page you will find useful information for startups.

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Central government: additional measures to keep trade flows going

The corona crisis is also hitting international trade hard. Fewer orders are coming in, existing orders are being withdrawn and manufacturing is at a standstill due to a stagnant supply of components (e.g. from China) or protectionism rearing its head. This while a third of our national income, many SMEs and approximately 2.3 million jobs depend on international trade. To keep international trade going as much as possible, the state is expanding export credit insurance options starting today. The measures will help prevent companies from experiencing greater payment risks, running into additional liquidity problems or being forced to halt international projects.

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Central government: questions about emergency care for children of parents in crucial occupations or vital processes

Some parents or caregivers can use "emergency care" if the children do not have symptoms such as fever, cough or cold. This emergency care allows them to simply go to work and thus keep society running. These are professions that require continuous staffing under current conditions. Parents or caregivers who work in vital businesses or are indispensable to vital processes can also continue to bring their children to emergency care.

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Expanded BMKB scheme for entrepreneurs

Effective from Monday, March 16, 2020, the scheme is part of a previously announced package of measures by the Cabinet to deal with the economic consequences of the corona virus. The cabinet estimates that with this first step, €300 million in additional funding is already immediately available for SMEs affected by the corona problem.

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Work-time reduction (wtv) scheme discontinued as coronamate rule.

The Cabinet introduces the Temporary Emergency Measure Bridging for the Purpose of Maintaining Employment (NOW).

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Central government: coronavirus frequently asked questions for employers and business owners

Do you have entrepreneurial questions about the corona virus? If so, contact the KVK corona desk. If your question is not listed, call the Chamber of Commerce Advisory Team: 0800-2117. Starting Monday, March 23, this number will be open according to regular hours from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Central government: questions about financial schemes

The government is taking measures to preserve jobs. Read the House letter on economic measures related to coronavirus here and click on the link below to view the questions and answers.

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Inland Revenue measures: deferral of payment

Be you entrepreneur or self-employed and your business is in trouble due to the corona crisis? The Internal Revenue Service has taken measures to help you get through these difficult times.

Tax measures for entrepreneurs (including the self-employed)

Online community for eCommerce professionals and entrepreneurs

Emercify has an online community free for all entrepreneurs. Among other things, you get access to experts on the forum, direct contact with other entrepreneurs and weekly online sessions with experts.

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RFO: compensation for damages COVID-19

Is your company among those sectors that have been most affected by the Cabinet action on the coronavirus (COVID-19)? Are you suffering damage due to the forced closure, the curtailment of meetings and/or the negative travel advice abroad? Then you can receive a one-time compensation of €4,000 via the Policy Rule on Compensation for Entrepreneurs affected sectors COVID-19 (TOGS).

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National Resource Consortium initiative.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, together with a team of professionals from hospitals, academic centers, suppliers and manufacturers, established a joint initiative called the "National Resource Consortium.

This consortium aims to jointly procure various medical devices that are in short supply, on a non-profit basis, in the country's interest.

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Theme page Rendement Online

On this topic page you will find everything you need to know and arrange as a professional around the corona crisis, including a checklist.

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Measures Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (17/3)

The government has taken exceptional economic measures because of the coronavirus. The aim is to protect our jobs and incomes in addition to our health, and to cushion the impact on the self-employed, SME entrepreneurs and large companies. This package provides, for as long as necessary, billions of euros in support each month. The measures ensure that companies can continue to pay their staff, provide a bridge for the self-employed and, through relaxed tax regimes, compensation and additional credit opportunities, allow money to stay in businesses.

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