They started - and they are unstoppable!

They started - and they are unstoppable!

Who are we talking about? The trainees of our Young Talent Program. Also called 'ROM Academy'. The very first batch, a very promising one. This was evident at the Traineedagen, on March 13, 14 and 15 in Utrecht.

Present: the inquisitive trainees from 7 of the 9 ROMs plus their mentor for the coming year. What was on the program? And even more important: how did the participants experience their baptism of fire full of fun, togetherness and (we are ROMs, after all) business challenges?

Day 1 - Team building

The kickoff. Thijs van Elk of LIOF talks about what the ROMs do. This is followed by an introduction to what is to come in the coming year during the Young Talent Program. High time for team-building activities, to get to know each other. According to the proven methodology of 'Experiential Learning'. Keywords: relaxing, appreciative, respectful, good for group dynamics. It worked!

They started - and they are unstoppable!

Day 2 - Deepening

Marc Jansen of the BOM and Edgard Creemers of ROM Utrecht Region, both Head of Investment, talk more about the vision on Venture Capital. The mentors then tell more about the content of the program. The trainees will work together on research assignments in the coming year, knowledge sessions will be organized, Tour de ROMs will take place. What a great program!

Day 3 - Ready for at least 1 year

A team coaching session preceded by a drive test. Important to gain insight into each other's drives. For example: what naturally energizes you and what do you want to develop further? The Young Talent Program at the ROMs is an excellent opportunity to work on this, actually the ideal start of your career!

Parichita Chakraborty was there, as our brand new trainee

Unity emerged almost immediately within the group, which was nevertheless very diverse. I thought it was a very well thought-out program, with room for cooperation and fun! Nicely balanced, very well organized too. There was fun especially during the outdoor activities. For example, together we built a sturdy fence from wooden poles and rope. Working together to achieve a beautiful result.

They started - and they are unstoppable!

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